April Flowers & May Showers… and a pretty striped sundress

May 19, 2011

It’s been week full of rain so I hope I can find the time to go take some dramatic shots before the sun comes out again. Monday morning I passed over the Tappan Zee bridge, driving into a navy/grey storm cloud that brightened the beams against its darkness, and made them mysteriously disappear ten feet above the roof of my car. It was as beautiful as it was eerie… the words “Life is Worth Living” stuck out on a sign to my right, and rain drops steadily fell to my windshield as the wipers continued to sweep them away.

Whenever it’s unnaturally dark for a particular time of day, I always get this odd calm feeling, like there is something frozen and different about the moment, leading us to unwed our minds from that hour to hour minute to minute routine. I like new perspectives like this (even when I’m not shooting); Chris knows – I’ll stand on a chair or lie down on the floor… Before you say I’m crazy, let me remind you that this is healthy for your brain! The novelty helps sharpen your mind:) But back to the memory… what really struck me was that rather than the grey, colorless, muddy hue that sometimes comes with this kind of weather, I was surrounded by a brilliant, blue soulful tone, like those you see at twilight, and it was extraordinary. I only wish that next time I won’t be the one holding the wheel!

On to the photos.

In between the few commercial assignments I’ve been working on for a new, amazing company who will launch later this spring/summer, I was able to make a quick trip up to the great city of Boston. Talking business and catching up with my friend, Mimi Phan, was such a treat! We discussed branding, photography, and future growth of Jennifer McKenna Photography – and I’m lucky to have her input and talent. We also had time to sneak in a brief styled shoot, complete with twirls and a very photogenic sundress 🙂 Here she is, charming and chic:

Mimi shoot Part II includes quite possibly my favorite shot of the day, along with a quick trip to the Apple store (which of course seemed photo worthy, despite potentially unoriginal)

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