Mariah, Mimi, & Meg!

March 30, 2010

A couple months ago (eep, I know, long overdue) I had the amazing opportunity of visiting Mariah Gale’s new photography studio! For those of you unacquainted with this talented young lady, please visit any number of her online portals (of which she somehow manages to maintain a ridiculously high amount!) and witness her multifaceted growth as a photographer and business woman extraordinaire.

Finally having her own loft-style studio space is so well deserved, as she juggles more than is humanly possible, haha. “How does she do it!?” I’m looking forward to posting some past work that I’ve done with her, and singing additional praises, for she has been an enormous inspiration to me. But let’s talk about this space! Full of our favorite ingredient – beaming natural light – the studio was a great setting in which to get together with some of my most artistically gifted friends and play.

Although the photos speak for themselves, I do want to express my admiration for the genius of Meg McCormick’s modeling. She’s versatile, artistic, graceful, full of fire, peaceful, strong, blasé, beautiful …the list goes on. I only wish we had more time to shoot and create!

PS – we’re definitely shooting a Nantucket set this summer if I have anything to say about it, so come back to the blog for that!

This shoot was special to me, not only because of the fabulous company, but also because some pieces used in wardrobe were “relics” of my mother’s past. In the past 15+ years, I’ve spent hours upon hours looking through my mom’s vintage wears. There’s something about the experience that goes so far beyond an interest in clothes. I’d slowly flick through a set of hangers in the guestroom closet: thinking about how and when she might have worn them, and what I’d be like at that age. Funny how it feels to think about what you’ll be like when you’re “older” and then to live it, thinking about how you thought it would feel 🙂 But more importantly, strange how it feels to think about your mother in a different role… and inspiring how it feels, to have a connection to her past in your present and future <3

Ok, on to the photos! Gosh.

setting up the seamless: miss Mariah GaleJenniferMcKennaPhoto

…there are so many photos I should add to this post. check back soon because I’m sure I will. Ha 🙂
Until then!


Updates! (5/24/10):
Mimi Phan – artist, designer, photographer, model – an inspiring, motivational, and all around lovely person. I don’t think anyone could say a bad thing about her. She is smart and talented, and most importantly, a joy to be around! Check out her work online…

…the surrealist vibe Meg’s poses/the random clock/the assorted chairs bring into play here – I can’t tell you how much I love it!JenniferMcKennaPhoto

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