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November 4, 2015

Baby girl W is here and already one week old!

I was hoping this blog post would be Just the thing to invite her out into the world (after she missed her due date and then some!). Alas, as has been the case with my blogging opportunities, the post lay dormant as another pesky draft floating unseen on the waves of “busy season” – which was extra eventful for me this year!

Thanks to quite a few incredible new clients, colleagues, and networks, I’m encouraged to say that I’m excited to keep growing this business: from my nomadic New England existence, to a new home base in my beautiful home state of Vermont, here we go!

The photos we capture (and the experience that invariably comes with them) are why the long, never off-duty, mind constantly ticking, hours of planning, and prep, and post-production, are worth it to me… I get to share my passion for freezing moments and light; I get to share time, fun, and thoughts, with people who begin to tell me their story; I get to learn, and connect, and inspire, and be inspired. If there’s one thing I’m certain of it’s that human connection matters. I hope the photos I take help bring that to life.

Kristin & Matt:

These two have a quiet, (peaceful) love for one another… it’s so true, and so present, however, that it shouts at you from just about every one of these photos. I have been dying to share the complete set, so without further ado!

DSC_1329DSC_1327-2DSC_1336-2DSC_1335DSC_1336DSC_1337DSC_1352-2DSC_1440DSC_1438boston baby showerSee Part II – Boston Maternity & Baby shower photos here


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