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WE'D LIKE TWO PHOTOGRAPHERS for our wedding, can you accommodate us?

Yes! I have trusted photographers that I enlist as second shooters, when requested, to help capture the day with me. When using a second photographer, all photo editing and delivery of your collection will still be done by me.


Yes. If your venue is requiring proof of insurance I'd be happy to send it their way.
Speaking of insurance, I also have backup cameras, backup memory cards, backup batteries, backup lighting gear, etc.

We have a large family/bridal party and would like to be efficient when photographing Group Formals. CAN YOU HACK IT DESPITE THAT LOW KEY VIBE OF YOURS?

I think I can hack it because of that. While much of what drives my style relies on my efforts to be "everywhere and nowhere, at the same time", you can trust that after many seasons of wedding-group wrangling I can accomplish efficient formals for you and have a sufficiently commanding presence.
I also share tips to ensure things run as smoothly as you'd like. We will chat about a custom plan of action during our call(s) and meeting(s) pre-wedding day!