A walk in the woods with Sarah & Stuart | Stowe, VT engagement photos

April 7, 2016

“C’mon, dehg.” I hear as they make their way out across the drive, and up a hill into the forest…

From the beautiful craftsmanship and artistry that they both bring to the world in careers, to the way in which they chose to spend their free time and their days, Sarah and Stuart are one of those couples that I almost can’t believe I was lucky enough to find.

She’s a stunning little firecracker Long Island native, and he’s a Vermont-born and raised master welder, builder, woodsman, snowboarding adventurer! (needing few words to display a heart of gold:) Being given the honor of getting to know these lovebirds was an inspiration.


We walk through the woods and out into a clearing that rolls down to a fairytale worthy frozen pond. Flanked by trees so tall they’ve surely seen stories of many generations, it set the scene for Stuart’s next idea of fun: boot-skating Sarah around in Notebook-worthy fashion;)

It was both a visual and emotional oasis for me, their slice of heaven in these green mountains (which is why I spent hours upon hours hearing more about their story together in this magical place).

One of the best things I can do for my photo clients is take the time to get to know them — We love the photos with meaning, and authenticity. They resonate, and they have soul. When getting to know them also turns into seeing yourself, your own values (as well as parting phrases like “I feel like I’ve known you my whole life!”) you know something is going right. Thank you Sarah and Stuart, for putting your trust and story in my camera-laden hands! I wouldn’t be able to continue this pursuit and passion without you.
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“He’s taken me with him before,” she says, speaking of his early morning turkey hunts. “It’s very dark, peaceful… you can’t see anything because it’s so dark, but that tunes you into all your other senses. It’s a wonderful experience, you wake up with nature, and the sun…”

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What an adorable session! Loved all the details and her adorable boots!

Love, love, love!!!!! Gorgeous work!!!!!!! Love the chickens on the stoop!!!!!

I absolutely LOVE this!! Wonderful!

These are beautiful photos! I love the ones that include their pup!

Wow! Beautiful couple, and lovely setting, so dreamy!

Jenn you did a wonderful job!

Breathe takingly beautiful. You have captured the natural beauty and spirit of these two souls in their environment! Xoxoxi

Jen, These are beautiful and your story is amazing. Tear jerker for me!! Thank you for everything.

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